Our mission as a brand is to prioritize accountability and transparency, in addition to our quality and fabrics.
As a consumer, we have the power to become more conscious of our choices and what we purchase. Sometimes, all it takes is small steps and common sense.

Our goal for the future is to continue on the path of being more mindful and  environmentally responsible. Our core purpose will always be the same - being thoughtful of how we design, the materials we select and their impact on the environment. 
Looking ahead, our commitment is to minimize our impact on the planet, be transparent in our supply chain processes and be more innovative with our sustainability.

At the heart of COMMNSENS’s design process is a focus on fabric

All our materials are sourced with an eye toward environmental good.
Several plants, fruits, and seeds are now either being rediscovered or newly processed to develop new fabrics that can heal the planet. These plant-based fabrics can be one of the best choices for your wardrobe as they tend to be very gentle to the skin, light, and breathable.

Our packaging has been manufactured from sustainable materials using energy from renewable sources which remains safe and effective throughout its life cycle and rescues the overall carbon footprint.
We use corrugated cardboard packaging which is rightly regarded as environmentally friendly. It has well established recycling streams, uses biodegradable materials and offers excellent performance within transit.
And our plantable seed tags are made from a biodegradable eco-paper with flower seeds embedded within, which work just as well as regular tags, only they don't leave a little piece of plastic behind to pollute the planet.